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Seeing the forest for the trees - RPA landscape in the Canadian context

"Canada and IT" - the made for each other wordcombo is now becoming the "made in Canada" stamping...voila!!!
This article is a synthesis of my findings, extrapolations premised on a plethora of palatable sources . One of the Techportals quotes that nice guys finish last — and Canada, with its reputation for polite citizenry and its charming prime minister, is used to being overlooked. Sure, Canada may tower over the United States in physical size, but many countries of similar stature — G7 nations, for example — dismiss the Great White North as nothing more than America’s top hat. Canada, with population equated to California state and with natural resources ie., ~10% of the world’s forests, is a land of plenty. As well as an enviable array of natural resources, Canada also boasts incredible support for entrepreneurs, both homegrown and international.....

Blue Prism was founded in 2001 by a group of process automation experts to develop technology that could be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations. Initially their focus was on the white collar back office where they recognised an enormous unfulfilled need for automation...

bluprism-ignite-img Photo courtesy: BluePrism[dot]com . Microsoft Ignite event, Orlando

As seen in the Forrester report Q2 2018 (downloadable from Innavatar) here , in its four quadrants, has placed BluePrism....

UiPath , headquartered in New York , is the market leader in RPA. UiPath has bagged a myriad of accolades within short timespan. On May 4, 2018, UiPath was named CFO tech company to watch in 2018....

UiPath with Innavatar - Path to your successful RPA journey !

Though some of the leading Canadian Banks bank on BluePrism as the defacto RPA., but there is a window of opportunities for other competitive vendors to penetrate ....

In June 2018, Forrester placed UiPath in the top position for its 2nd annual Forrester Wave for Robotic Process Automation. UiPath earned the top spot in current market offering, strategy and market presence. More on demand...